1 year old Scarlett reading with MonkiSee Flash Cards

“Scarlett reading with the Monkisee Flash Cards” were my sister’s words of joy over the phone.  This is a post from my sister about her baby, Scarlett.  They have been using the MonkiSee Baby Reading Kit since she was 2 months old. She is almost two years old and here she is showing off her reading skills.  It looks to me like she is having fun and might be a little bit obsessed with ovals.  What do you think?

From Leah:
Here she is, my little smarty pants. As you can see she is totally excited to be doing her flash cards. This was round 3 of filming her, so she was getting a tad antsy. She loves MonkiSee, from the videos to the books and flash cards. I wish I had done this with my other 2 kids. It only takes a few minutes every day to do this.

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