A Tribute to Glenn Doman

A Tribute to Glenn Doman

I found out today that one of my heroe has passed away.  Although he might not be known by all, he was a celebrity in the world of early learning.

Glenn Doman dedicated his life to helping children be more than we ever imagined they could be.  When I first read Doman’s books 2001, I did not realize how much he would influence me and change my life.  His words spoke to my heart and I knew what he taught was possible.  Little children have amazing potential and if we do not limit them, they will soar.Glenn Doman founded the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and taught parents all around the world how to teach their children.  IAHP regularly holds seminars on How to Increase Your Child’s Intelligence and What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child.  His daughter, Janet Doman, carries on his work.  To find out more about their mission visit https://iahp.org/.  You can read more about Mr. Doman here.

Glenn Doman is the author of How to Teach Your Baby to Read, How to Teach Your Baby Math, How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence, How to Teach Your Baby to Be Physically Superb, and What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child.  He will be missed but his work lives on in all the children whose lives’ he touched directly and indirectly.  Rest in peace, Mr. Doman.  You will be missed.

It is because of Glenn Doman that MonkiSee was born.  We take up your torch and carry on.  If you would like to know how Glenn Doman inspired us to help teach babies to read visit www.monkisee.com.