ABC Hide and Go Seek

If you have some magnetic letters, you can play ABC Hide and Seek.  It is easy to play and fun to do.  This is a great way to teach your baby the names and sounds of the letters.  All you have to do is get out the letters and put them on your refrigerator in random order.  Start with the letter A.  Introduce your baby to the capital and lowercase letters and tell them that these two letters are the letter A.  Tell your baby that the letter A says “a” for apple.  Once you have shown these letters to your baby, tell your child that you are going to hide the letters and your child will need to find them.  Just place the letters among the other letters and see if your child can pick them out.  The first time you do this, your baby may need some assistance finding the letters. Whenever your baby correctly identifies a letter, congratulate them and tell them this is “aaa” for apple.

You can play this several times throughout the day while you are in the kitchen.  You can hide the letters while you are cooking and you can oversee your baby and help them out if they are having trouble.  You can move on to a different letter whenever you feel your baby has mastered a letter.  Each time you introduce a new letter, make sure you review the letters you have already learned.  
Once your baby has mastered a few consonants and vowels, you can make words and show your baby how the sounds blend to form words.  Yesterday I introduced my 2 year old to the letter A and today we are learning M.  I put together the two letters and showed her how they are sounded out to make the word am.  As we learn more letters, we will be able to make a lot more short words.  So far, she loves it and asks to play again and again.