ABC’s or learn to read?

So many parents are concerned with teaching their children their ABC’s.  What they may not realize is that knowing the names of the letters is somewhat pointless.  If your baby knows their ABC’s before their first or second birthday, this won’t progress them in learning to read.  It is much more important that babies or children learn the sound of the letters, as opposed to  the names of the letters.  Since babies have the ability to learn a multitude of things from birth to 5, you can teach them both the names of the letters and the sounds of the letters.  If you are trying to decide which one is more important, teach them the sounds.

For example, you tell your child that that this letter “C” is “cuh”.  Whenever you see the letter C, you say the sound.  Your child learns that the letter “A” says “aaaa” like apple.  You teach your child that the letter “T” says “tuh” as in tooth.  When you put these sounds together they form a word.  “Cuh”, “aaa”, “tuh”, makes the word cat.  You repeat it a few times, more quickly with each repetition, and your child begins to understand that sounds work together to form words.