Adding and Subtracting for Babies

Yesterday I posted about how you can introduce quantity to babies starting at birth.  All you have to do is tell them the quantity of the items they see, and through repetition and exposure to quantities, babies can determine quantity without having to count items.  It is pretty amazing to see.

Now let’s talk about how you can teach your baby to understand the language of mathematics a bit more through exposure to addition and subtraction.  You can point out to your child how many items are present.  If you add one more item, now you have a different quantity.  You can do this while your child is eating in their highchair, using their finger food as manipulatives.  You can also do this sitting on the floor as you play with toys blocks.  Count the blocks, or just tell your child how many blocks there are.  Now you set down one more and tell them how many you have now.
You can introduce your baby to adding and subtracting with real objects throughout the day.  You can also use music to teach math facts. Babies can easily memorize all kinds of facts and that includes math facts.  There are some good CD’s available that will teach your child to memorize the basic facts of addition and subtraction.  You can turn these on for your baby while they play as background music and your baby will be learning math.