Babies and TV

I have a love hate relationship with TV.  I hate mindless shows, like cartoons and I hate to see my children zoned out in front of the television watching these mindless shows.  We have a TV in our home, but we rarely watch it.  We use it to watch movies, documentaries and concerts.  

I do however, love to be able to use the television as a teaching tool for my little ones.  Most babies are captivated by the television, as are most people.  If there is a TV on in a room, it usually attracts the attention of all those in the room.  This can be wonderful, if used correctly.  There are many fabulous videos available that can add tremendously to your child’s life.  It is like having a private tutor present, to teach you whatever you choose.  You can learn sign language, foreign languages, how to read, science, etc…

My personal favorites are Signing Time, Monki See Monki Doo (of course I had to add that since that is our product), and we just started to use Little Pim.  Brainy Baby has some great videos also.  The wonderful thing is that many different videos are available at the library, so you can try a bunch of different ones.  My limit on TV watching here is an hour per day for the children.  Of course, it helps if you watch them with your baby and discuss what is being presented while you are watching.  It makes the experience much more interactive, but this isn’t always possible.