Baby Brain Power

When I think of small babies and the incredible power they
possess in their little brains, I am in awe.  The old saying “Big things come in small packages” couldn’t
be more true when referring to the developing brain of babies.  Babies possess the ability to master
any language that is presented to them.
They have the ability to learn to read, learn sign language and absorb
mass amounts of information.  They
are capable of learning to swim, learn perfect pitch and become prodigies in
music.  Babies are able to see
quantity instead of symbols for quantity.
Wow!  That is just

Knowing that all babies possess this gift makes me have such
a reverence and respect for babies.
When I interact with babies, I consider them, not below me, as though I
possess the power to teach them something, but as a miracle of creation,
something to be wondered at.  My
mantra for today is “Baby Power”. 

What will you teach your baby today?