Baby Reading With MonkiSee – Testimonial

Baby Reading With MonkiSee – Testimonial
Today I am sharing with you a testimonial and video of one of our MonkiSee customers.  Watch the video to see the baby reading with MonkiSee

My daughter, Makenzy started MONKISEE at 10 months.  She will be 2 years old December 19, 2010. She watches the MONKISEE videos about 3 times a day, sometimes more.  As soon as she wakes up in the morning, and all through the day, she wants to watch the videos and read her flash cards.  She loves the music and knows the words to the songs, and can read every word.  The monkeys make  her so happy and mommy, too!  She can read every flash card that I show her, without looking at the picture, EXAMPLE – RED OCTAGON, YELLOW BANANA, TURTLE HEAD and many more!  I’m so amazed, that I can place three word cards down, and ask which one is GREEN TOOTHBRUSH, and she will pick the right card, everytime.  She can say her ABC’s, colors, most of her shapes, counts to ten, and can read over 200 words.  The most important thing, she wants, and loves to learn.

I have to say proudly, and it brings happy tears to my eyes, that Makenzy can read, thanks to MONKISEE.   I can see that the results of this teaching technique are simply outstanding.  Thank you again for this great opportunity to learn about a really progressive and ground breaking program.

Sherry W.

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