Baby Recognizes Words

One of the signs that your baby’s reading program is successful is when your baby asks you what things say.  When your baby is paying attention to written language and asking what something says, your baby is getting a good idea of written language.  Your baby is making associations between letters and their meanings when they are combined to form new words.

My daughter, 2 years old, has recently been asking what everything says.  We were recently driving in the car with my aunt.  My daughter handed her a sippy cup and asked her, “What’s that word says?”  She looked at the cup and told my daughter it said munchkin.  My daughter responded with, “Good job!”
As we continued on our drive, my 2 year old was quizzing her aunt on the words from her cup.  She continually offered praise as auntie read the words correctly.  This is just one small sign that she has been paying attention.