Baby Spelling Bee?

Can babies learn to spell?  Why not?  They can learn just about everything else.  Years ago my older children would spell out everyone’s names in the house.  They would spell out I love you and mommy and the names of their siblings.  What was the result of that?  The ones who were babies at the time spelled right along with them.  I recently saw a child, around the age of 2 1/2, who could tell the names of words that were only spelled out to him.  I was impressed.

I have been signing with my daughter since she was a few months old.  She knows many signs.  I recently added a new game to our day.  I still sign to her, as I always have, and then I finger spell the words.  I see her little fingers moving, trying to mimic the letters, as she blurts out whatever letters she can think of.  Who knows, she may just be a champion speller someday?  Could spelling be yet another piece of the puzzle to bringing up whole and capable children?  I will keep you posted.