Bath Time Lessons

Today’s post has nothing to do with teaching babies to read.  It does, however, deal with learning lessons, and today, I was the one who learned something.

My 2 year old wanted to wash the dishes.  Since I had already finished washing the dishes, I offered to let her wash her play dishes in the bathtub, while she took a bath.  She took me up on my offer and we filled the tub.  Her bedroom is right next to the bathroom so I decided I should tackle the mess in the there while she played in the tub.  What can I say?  I am a woman that likes to multitask.  Most days I ignore the mess that a 2 year old can create because of lack of time to clean it, but it was getting out of control and I needed to feel a bit of order in my life.  
I could hear my daughter talking and singing as I went about organizing drawers and hanging up dress up clothes.  I was feeling quite proud of my accomplishments, until I walked out of the bedroom to put something away.  It was then that I learned my lesson.  The lesson I learned was don’t leave your child alone in the bathtub without checking on them every two minutes, even if you can hear them singing and playing.  It is not because of fear of her drowning that I need to check on her, it is for fear of her drowning me that I need to check on her. As I walked out of the bedroom, I could see a small lake pooling up at the entrance of the bathroom.  She had been dumping cupfuls of water on her princess, who was standing on the edge of the tub.
The lesson I am continually reminded of in regards to life with kids is that as soon as you clean one mess up, they have another one waiting for you.  
Gabriella the mischief maker.