Books – Baby’s Best Friend

I took my children to the library today.  I have been reading to my 2 year old a lot lately.  I have introduced her to many of my favorite books.  She has acquired a love of reading lately and I am glad.  She is very independent and likes to do most things herself.  This included her taking the book midway through and reading it herself.  She has now gotten accustomed to listening to a story all the way through and asking for it again and again.  

I wish I could sit and read to my children all day.  I love to read!  I love good books, too.  Tonight at the library she found The Runaway Bunny.  She was so excited.  We recently read this book and she really liked it.  She was hugging the book and insisted on getting it again.  When you surround your child with books and read to them frequently, books become their best friends.