Teach Baby Spanish DVD

Your child can easily learn Spanish with the right tools and method.  If you’re looking for a “teach baby Spanish DVD”, then we have just what you need.  The new MonkiSee video “Todo Sobre Mi” is the perfect place to start your journey in teaching your baby Spanish.  Before I tell you more about this Spanish DVD for babies, let’s briefly discuss the importance of learning Spanish.

Do you want to teach your child Spanish?

Nowadays, it is such an asset to be bilingual.  If you can speak multiple languages, you have quite an advantage.  The ability to speak more than one language will advance you in school, in your career, in your intellectual understanding, and in many other ways.  You never know when the need may arise for you to speak Spanish.

With 329 million native speakers, Spanish ranks as the world’s No. 2 language in terms of how many people speak it as their first language.” – Gerald Erichsen

Teaching your child Spanish, is a blessing they will enjoy throughout all their life.  Whether you want them to communicate with Spanish-speaking family and friends, be prepared for traveling to another country, or are simply developing your child’s skills for future careers, teaching your baby Spanish is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

So, if you want to teach your child Spanish, now is the time to begin.  The younger you start the better.  That is why we have designed an effective Spanish video for teaching children from the age of three months to three years old.

What is “Todo Sobre Mi?”

MonkiSee "Todo Sobre Mi"


When you hear the benefits of being bilingual and know that Spanish is a dominant language, it is definitely exciting to discover that your baby can easily learn it. MonkiSee has just released their first “teach baby Spanish DVD,” and we know you’re going to love it!

With the new MonkiSee DVD, “Todo Sobre Mi,” your child will begin their introduction into the Spanish language in a fun and delightful way.  As the name implies, children will learn – “All About Me.”  They will be taught the body parts and familiar first words in Spanish.  To most effectively teach your baby Spanish, we use the total immersion method.  For a full thirty minutes, your child will hear a native speaker narrating while they watch the actions play out on screen.

As with all of the MonkiSee videos, children will learn along with monkey brothers, Howie and Skip.  Babies will definitely be entertained as they watch the silly monkeys learning together. MonkiSee makes learning fun by engaging children throughout the videos.

Todo Sobre Mi” is filled with puppet skits, upbeat and original songs, children, animals, poetry, and much more.  It’s the perfect way to begin introducing your child to a new language.  Whether your children have never heard a word of Spanish, or are being raised in a Spanish-speaking home, “Todo Sobre Mi” is perfect for every child.

We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey in teaching babies Spanish.  To find out more about MonkiSee or purchase this video for your child, click here.

MonkiSee Releases New DVD – Animals Under the Sea


The newest addition to the MonkiSee videos is officially here.
We are pleased to announce that Animals Under the Sea is the second installment in the new series of MonkiSee DVDs. Howie and Skip, along with their friends, Miss Krista and Gabriella, discover the wonder of the underwater world in this latest addition to the StoryTime series.

“Let’s dive into the deep blue ocean,
What do you think we’ll see?
Swim under the shining water,
Explore the deep.”

The fun begins when Miss Krista brings her book of sea animal riddles to Howie and Skip’s StoryTime. As they read and try to solve the riddles, they learn all about the sea animals and uncover incredible facts about these creatures.

Your child will be captivated by this engaging story time with Howie and Skip. Filled with original music, poetry, and illustrations, this is a story time like never before. Kids will learn the importance of teamwork and cooperation. I thought to take temporarily when the hysteria began in the morning and was afraid that I would create something irreparable. I read reviews at https://mi-aimh.org/xanax-alprazolam/ and took the first pill and only opened her eyes, so as not to have time to get nervous. Howie, Skip, and Gabriella work together to solve the riddles. “Animals Under the Sea” is a great way to entertain children while building their vocabulary, promoting listening and observation skills, encouraging reading aloud, stimulating imagination, and introducing them to logical deductive thinking.

Animals Under the Sea engages children with thought-provoking riddles and fun upbeat songs. Filled with beautiful illustrations, real-life video, and vivid imagery, your child will discover the wonder of the world beneath the waves.

After much anticipation, Animals Under the Sea is finally here. We know you’re going to love it, so join the adventure and together let’s discover the animals under the sea!

Get your DVD now: http://stores.monkisee.com/monkisee-animals-under-the-sea-dvd/

Available for digital download: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/howieandskip/99294976

Brainy Baby

If you are like me, you have a bigger to-do list than hours in the day.  This can be difficult, especially if you have a baby to take care of. When my babies are two and under, I love to use educational videos to keep them occupied while I rush to get some things done without interruption.  This allows me 30 minutes to rush like mad and get something done, while baby is entertained.

If you are looking for high quality, educational DVD’s for your baby, to actually teach them something, Brainy Baby is for you.  There’s lots of talking, to help develop baby’s language skills, as well as great information to feed your baby’s growing intellect.  These videos are great for babies three months and up.  There are a variety of videos to choose from and they are extremely affordable.  You can even borrow them from your local library first to see if your baby likes them.  I have to admit that I even learned something from watching them.

Little Pim

I love educational videos!  That being said, I am always looking for videos that are well done, fun, and educational.  As a home schooling mother of six children and the president of Intellectual Baby, I do allow my younger children to watch up to an hour of television a few days a week.  This gives me a chance to get some things done and I am confident that they are learning something.  I consider a well done video to be a tutor of sorts, available on demand, when I  need it.  I prefer this much more than mindless shows such as cartoons.

Recently a new maker of educational videos has emerged.  The company produces a series of videos that teach children foreign language through the immersion method.  There is no English spoken on the video.  I have BIlingual Baby, and that is a very nice video.  I have even tried Muzzy, but disliking cartoons, almost with a passion, I did not keep them.
I was very curious about these new videos so I purchased the Little Pim, Spanish “Eating and Drinking” video.  It is very well done and engaging for little ones.  My daughter is two years old and she was enjoying it up until about half way through.  Then she started to lose interest.  We enjoyed repeating the words being said.  Little Pim is a panda.  He keeps the children engaged as do the video clips of children and parents.  It has nice music and is interactive because it asks questions and then gives the answers.
I wish I had these videos when my daughter was younger and just learning language.  I think they are very beneficial in exposing children to foreign language.  They are available in many languages and can be found at www.littlepim.com.

Babies and TV

I have a love hate relationship with TV.  I hate mindless shows, like cartoons and I hate to see my children zoned out in front of the television watching these mindless shows.  We have a TV in our home, but we rarely watch it.  We use it to watch movies, documentaries and concerts.  

I do however, love to be able to use the television as a teaching tool for my little ones.  Most babies are captivated by the television, as are most people.  If there is a TV on in a room, it usually attracts the attention of all those in the room.  This can be wonderful, if used correctly.  There are many fabulous videos available that can add tremendously to your child’s life.  It is like having a private tutor present, to teach you whatever you choose.  You can learn sign language, foreign languages, how to read, science, etc…

My personal favorites are Signing Time, Monki See Monki Doo (of course I had to add that since that is our product), and we just started to use Little Pim.  Brainy Baby has some great videos also.  The wonderful thing is that many different videos are available at the library, so you can try a bunch of different ones.  My limit on TV watching here is an hour per day for the children.  Of course, it helps if you watch them with your baby and discuss what is being presented while you are watching.  It makes the experience much more interactive, but this isn’t always possible.

How To Teach Your Baby To Read With Video

When you tell people that babies can learn to read, they look at you strangely.  It sounds like an oxymoron.  How can a baby, that can’t talk yet, learn to read?  Yet as crazy as it sounds, they can.  It all comes down to the developing brain they are born with.  Babies are born with their brain 40% developed.  During the first 5 years of their life, their brain is developing explosively.  The more we stimulate our babies, and provide rich environments for learning, the more they will absorb.

Babies can learn language in many forms.  They can learn to speak.  They can learn foreign languages, which aren’t foreign to them as long as they hear them before their 5th birthday.  They can learn sign language and they can learn written language.  Learning written language is what gives them the ability to read at an early age.  It is not even challenging for babies to learn to read.  They don’t read phonetically.  They simply see a word and they memorize it.  This is called the whole word method, or sight reading.  Now here is the amazing part.  After memorizing many words, babies intuit the rules of phonics on their own.  They may not know the names of the letters, but they know what sound they make and are thereby able to read words that they have never seen before.
An easy way to begin a reading program with your baby is with video.  There are several videos on the market that teach babies to read.  Many parents are already using educational videos with their babies.  Why not try out a video that is designed to teach your baby to read?  You may be amazed at what your baby learns after watching these for a few weeks.
I began teaching my son to read with videos beginning at 2 1/2 months of age.  He really enjoyed that.  After a few weeks I added in flash cards and books.  It was so natural for him to learn to read.  It was a game we played from as far back as he can remember and he has always loved it.  At 5 months old, he would sit and look at 40 words in one sitting.  I kept my materials by the changing station.  After a diaper change we would quickly look at some words.  This would take a few minutes at the most.  I would show him materials an average of three times per day.  This took a few minutes of my time but the investment was well worth it.  By 12 months he was reading words out loud.  At 18 months he was reading short sentences.  At 2 years old he was reading books and now at 4 he can read almost anything.
I encourage parents that want to get started to try our Monki See Monki Doo video “Baby’s First Words”.  It teaches body parts and other familiar first words.  It’s a great way to teach babies their body parts and they may just shock you and read the words too!
Check it out at www.monkisee.com.
We have getting great reviews from parents whose babies are using the video.  My nephew has learned all his body parts and at 13 months old he pokes everyone on the nose and says, “Nooooo”.