Character Traits to Teach Your Child

Build on those character traits to teach your child and you will be on a good tract.  I recently read Sandra Felton’s Neat Mom Messie Kids book.  It was an enjoyable read.  There were a few takeaways from the book that I want to share here.  She had a section called Focus on the Children.  She tells parents to have a vision for the kind of character you want your children to have as adults and start working on them today.  I find them inspiring.  Traits I want my children to possess are:

  • hard working – doing his part with zest
  • efficient – getting the job done quickly and well
  • a good communicator – listening well to instructions and having good input
  • responsible – doing what is right without constant supervision
  • a self-starter – seeing what needs to be done and doing it
  • a good time manager – punctual, doesn’t procrastinate
  • smart about practicalities – learning what things work and what don’t
  • respectful of self – thinking he deserves to live a well-ordered life
  • respectful of others – thinking of what others want and need
  • thoughtful and caring – doing more than his share when the situation requires it
  • a good team member – working well with others in every way
  • fair – not burdening others with his things or jobs
  • positive toward work – having a healthy “can do” mindset
  • self-controlled – saying yes or no to his wants as appropriate

I find this least to be extremely valuable to reference as I train my children to be honorable people.  I hope you find it helpful.