Early Learning – MonkiSee and Me

Early learning getting a boost?  With the news out that President Obama has announced his 75 billion dollar Strong Start for Children Campaign, who can help but be excited?  The effects of a campaign of this magnitude are tremendous, far reaching, and loaded with benefits.  The best time to create change is with a new generation.  An early learning initiative of this degree will definitely impact this nation for the better.  How do I know?

My journey into early learning began almost 18 years ago when my first child was born.  I didn’t pursue early learning, it just kind of fell into my lap.  Being a new mom that was dealing with the frustrations of managing a home and a crying baby, I was skeptical but open to the suggestion from my sister-in-law that my baby might actually enjoy Sesame Street.  I couldn’t even fathom that a baby would be interested in watching television, but I was certainly wrong.  From that point on, educational programming such as Sesame Street, was a part of our early years.  The benefits were very visible.  I was able to supervise her from very close by, allowing me to prepare meals without a screaming baby at my feet- and they were learning.  It was somewhat of a magic formula to me.


My daughter never ceased to amaze me with her knowledge of the alphabet, numbers, colors, and the like at a very young age.  She certainly impressed other people as well.  I noticed that she enjoyed watching television and could learn from it very quickly.

Several years and three children later, my early learning journey took another turn.  I discovered that little children, from babies up to age five, have a greater capacity for learning than I – and most people – ever realized.  I stumbled upon the baby reading movement and many key things happened that changed my path.  Reading the work of Glenn Doman was an epiphany for me.  For now I had four children of my own and I believed that just maybe, they could learn and understand more than I had previously thought possible.


I jumped in with both feet and have not looked back.  My early learning “eyes” have been opened and now I will forever view little children differently.  Now I look at babies and young children as the geniuses they truly are, capable of understanding language in a way that we have long outgrown.  I have witnessed children under the age of five that can read and speak multiple languages.  I have seen children spelling, computing facts, and understanding geography better than I.  I have witnessed just how awesome our children can be, if we raise our standards and ideas of what they can be taught.
The best student is the young child.  They are eager to learn and discover everything.  They are curious and intelligent and unceasing in their quest to learn.  Any adult who has answered a barrage of ‘why’ questions from a toddler knows what I am referring to.  They are on a search for truth and they are not satisfied until they have found it.  We can cultivate this desire in children, this love of learning, if we are prepared to allow them to soar.  If we will respect them and treat them as they deserve the outcome is astounding.  Imagine a nation in which our children were given a love of learning early in life; where they were respected and taught, and allowed to excel in school and in life.  It would no longer be necessary for remedial programs, because starting with children when they are young would practically wipe out the need for such.

I have enjoyed the early learning period and watching my children soar.  Today I am the blessed mother of six wonderful, smart, loving, excited children.  Our journey has taken a path that led to the starting of our business, Intellectual Baby.  Our MonkiSee line of early learning products introduces babies and young children to language and learning in a fun and entertaining manner.  The MonkiSee line consists of books, flash cards, and our well-loved dvds- featuring the loveable monkey hosts, Howie and Skip.  Through the use of the MonkiSee products, babies and young children learn body parts, first words, colors, shapes, animals, actions, and more.  They are introduced to written and spoken language at a period where rapid brain development is taking place and they are able to benefit by being prepared to learn to read.


Hearing feedback from our customers has been extremely satisfying as they now journey on this early learning path themselves.  Watching videos that they share of their children is a wonderful bonus, knowing that we have helped them establish a love of learning in their child.  The sad part of this story is that for every parent and child we help, there are far more that are doing nothing.  The proposed early learning initiative will impact and help far more children to be as amazing as they can and should be, as well as become good contributors to our society.  I eagerly look forward to seeing just how awesome this country can be with an investment in the new generation.

To learn more about the MonkiSee line of early learning products visit www.monkisee.com.