Enriching your child’s life

A member of my Yahoo Group recently posted something very insightful.  She said instead of thinking that we are teaching our babies to read, do math, or whatever it is, we should consider what we are doing as enriching our children as much as possible.  She likened it to planting little seeds.  Some seeds might sprout up and we’ll see some results right away – others may take years to grow.

Here is what she had to say.
“I think whatever we are showing our children, they are soaking up like a sponge.  Maybe if I show my son pictures of all the countries in the world and where they are on the globe – he might not show any interest and he might not name one country.  Maybe I won’t see any result from that until he gets to Junior High or HIgh School – where suddenly he may show an interest in geography and other countries.  He probably will never remember me showing him any of the power point presentations, but somehow later on he might have an interest in or a “giftedness” in an area.
So I’ve seen some parents on our board really worried if they are doing it right…Or should they use one method over another…Or getting frustrated when their child doesn’t show an interest…Or they are exhausted and frustrated with themselves for not doing more.  I just want all those parents to know that their child is so blessed to have you for their parent – and anything you do to enrich your child is going to bless them later on.  Do what you can when you can with a joyful and calm heart.  Foster in your child a love for learning, but not at the expense of losing joy or anything else that is wonderful in your life.  Plant little seeds and wait to see what fruit may one day grow.  Sometimes not all seeds will sprout and grow – but the more you plant the more you have a chance that some will grow.
Most of all enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your child.  They are only little for a short time and you never know how long you will be blessed to have them in your life.  (We just had a child in our school die – and all I can think of is how lucky I am to have my son today – for this moment – if for some reason I don’t get to see him grow up and read and write and do math, etc – at least I was blessed to have him in my life for today.  Remember – today is the only day we have!)”
Posted by Kristina from Alaska