Feed Your Baby’s Imagination

Imagination is at the heart of all creativity.  It is very difficult to be creative with little imagination.  So how can we feed our baby’s imagination?  Simple.  It starts by reading good books to your baby.  When you share great stories, fairy tales and adventures with your child, you are feeding their imagination.  What happens after you read books together is also important.  You should show your child how you can use your own imagination.  You can use a broomstick as a horse, hide under your covers from a big bear, which may just be a teddy bear, and save the princess from the dragon, which may be invisible.

In our interactions with our children, we can teach them how to use their imaginations through reading and our own examples. An imagination is a wonderful thing to have.  It can turn the dull into the exciting.  Children with great imaginations create their own worlds and entertain themselves for hours.  Read your child a book and feed their imagination.