Get to the point

I mentioned in an earlier post that pointing is an excellent way to expose your baby to written language.  You can point and read words just about any time you encounter them.  We read the toothpaste, the hand soap bottles, anything we eat, the name of our vehicle, etc… Some parents label items in the house to give them more chances to read words with their babies.  While flash cards are a great way to teach babies to read, pointing incorporates reading into your baby’s life without a formal lesson.

Today in our family devotional time I gave my baby my Bible and told her to find the book of John for me.  I was actually just trying to occupy her as I left the room momentarily, not believing that should would actually find it.   We have been reading the book of John for about 2 weeks.  I show her the word John in my Bible each time we read from it.  While I was in the other room my husband yelled out that the baby found the book of John, all by herself.  Amazing!
She has also learned to read the word luminous from the toothpaste, granulated from the sugar and Toyota from our van.  Don’t overlook the power of pointing.  It is a simple addition to any infant reading program.