Give Your Baby Tummy Time

As parents, we want to give our children lots opportunities to develop and grow into strong and healthy children.  We can do this by giving some attention to baby’s physical development each day.  Babies need to crawl before they can walk.  In order to encourage your baby to crawl, be sure to give them tummy time every day.  On a clean smooth surface, let your baby spend some time working on their crawling skills.  You will notice from a young age that your baby is capable of getting from one end of the crib to the other.  This is no accident. Babies are designed to move their bodies in these patterns to propel them forward.  Give your baby plenty of opportunities to fine tune this skill and you will see how good they get at it.

You can let your baby get their workout while listening to some classical music or poetry for further brain stimulation.  It is helpful to place a colorful or favorite toy close enough to baby to encourage them to move forward.

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