Go on a Word Hunt

A fun way to incorporate reading into your babies daily life is to go on a word hunt.  If, for example, you have taped up labels around the house, you can hunt for the words.  Tell your baby to find the word refrigerator.  You can crawl around on the floor with your baby if you want to and go find the word refrigerator.  Once you get there you read the word by sliding your finger under the word and saying “refrigerator” with lots of excitement.  If you want to you can even tell your baby that they earned a point.  Children love to get points, even if they are never added up.  Continue on by finding as many different words as you can joyously seek out.  Once you have been doing this for a period of time, you can mix the words up.  You can purposely put the words on the wrong objects and then fix them with your baby. You can also give your baby a word and have them place it in the appropriate place.  I know a mom who claims that the word dwarf came in during nap time and mixed everything up.  When her child wakes up they set everything straight again.  When teaching your baby to read you are only limited by your imagination.  Now go and have fun teaching your baby to read.