How much can a baby understand?

The other day I posted that my 2 year old daughter read the word luminous from the tube of toothpaste.  I may have shown her the word a total of 5 times.  Each time I showed her the word, I told her that luminous means shiny.  I figure she might as well understand the word, she may want to use it at some point in her life.  Does she really understand what I mean when I tell her this?  I don’t know, but being a born teacher, I am always looking for the lesson in each experience.

Two nights later I received my answer.  I sat her on the counter to brush her teeth.  She picks up the toothpaste and starts talking to her self.  She is reading the word Colgate and then she reads the word luminous.  So I ask her, “Gabriella, what does luminous mean?”  And matter-of-factly she says, “Shiny.”  and that was that.  She can read the word, and she understands it.  Babies are that adaptable, they can learn anything we teach them.  They don’t look at anything as too difficult to learn.  They actually are attracted to the things that are the most difficult.  Babies love a challenge and they love to prove that they are extremely capable.