How to Increase Your Baby’s Vocabulary

There is a lot of anxiety over the developmental phases of our children.  When they are not talking much, we start to wonder what is causing this delay.  This is an unpleasant experience for both parent and child, but thankfully there are many ways you can stimulate and increase your baby’s vocabulary.

The most important step to take in building your baby’s vocabulary is to talk to the child incessantly.  The child needs to have a lot of input of spoken language in order to develop an understanding of language and generate an output.  You can do this by talking to your baby about everything that is going on around you.  Encourage your baby to talk by asking your child questions and waiting for an answer.  If your child is slow to answer, wait a moment and then provide a suitable answer.

Reading to babies and young children is monumental in building their vocabulary.  When we read to our children we engage them in a relaxing and entertaining brain building exercise.  This is crucial to proper language development and helps the child feel in command of their language.  Children that are read to regularly are adventurous in the words they use.  They are not afraid or shy to express themselves with new words.  In fact, they think it is a lot of fun.  When a child uses a new or unexpected word, it oftentimes generates a positive response from their parents, which makes them eager to be even more adventurous in the words they use.

Educational videos can also be a tremendous aid to parents. The MonkiSee line of DVDs are designed to build and develop language skills in babies and young children.  MonkiSee captivates young children with the use of lovable puppets, silly skits, lots of great music, real life videos, and of course, a vast amount of relevant narration.

Each volume of the MonkiSee DVDs is full of written and spoken language. Including tons of original poetry that is presented in a gentle and engaging manner, draws the young child in to what is happening on the screen.  Due to the way these videos are designed, children often experience a language explosion – sometimes doubling their vocabulary.  While reading to your child is the best activity you can do to encourage and stimulate your child to talk, the MonkiSee DVDs are a very close second.  Each volume includes lots of rich and relevant vocabulary which is usually encountered only during reading time, and most importantly, the child is having fun  all the while.  If you would like in increase your baby’s vocabulary, the MonkiSee DVDs may be just what you are looking for.  To find out more visit

Below is just one testimonial from a very happy customer whose daughter’s vocabulary has doubled in the month that she has been watching the MonkiSee DVDs.  You can view her whole review at Growing Up Madison blog.  Below you will see an excerpt of her review.

“My Speech Therapist has agreed with mommy that this is the best thing that I could have gotten besides my books of course that I continue to read daily. I have been watching the videos for almost a month and my vocabulary has almost doubled. I can point to my body parts and I try and mimic what I see on the TV as well. Check out the following video done by MonkiSee. See what I mean? How could you resist not watching the entire video.”  – Excerpt from Growing Up Madison blog