Howie And Skip TV – New YouTube Channel For Preschoolers

I was planning to create a post announcing that Howie and Skip from MonkiSee now have their own channel on YouTube, but someone beat me to it.  The other day I received the latest post from one of my favorite early learning blogs called PushPlayLearning.  I have referred to Lacy as the YouTube Queen, since she really knows how to find great videos for her kids.  It was with not too much surprise, actually I was surprised, that she was our first subscriber to the new YouTube channel.  Since then she blogged about it on PushPalyLearning.  Her post was so awesome that I will share it here.  You can view it on her blog at Howie and Skip TV.  Thanks, Lacy for taking the time to write such a nice review.  It is one of the nicest reviews I have seen. 


Howie & Skip TV, YouTube Channel Feature
Posted on October 9, 2013 by pushPLAYlearning

What?  Did you just read that right?  Yes, the cute and loveable Howie & Skip from Monkisee now have their own channel on YouTube featuring the best of the best clips from the Monkisee DVD series.   Finally, I get a peek into the wonderful world of Monkisee that so many people have been raving about.

Filled with lots of clips that showcase the lovely rhymes and song that fill the Monkisee DVD series, Howie & Skip have a YouTube channel that is surely going to delight children from ages 0-6.   Of course, it is filled with lots of opportunities to pick up great reading skills or it just wouldn’t make the list, but Monkisee goes beyond your typical baby reading show.   It is truly engaging and mesmerizing.

Just the right amount of time is spent between introducing words, singing and listening to language building rhymes.  The storylines are wonderful and Monkisee does well fitting in lots of fun facts about animals and other things while also encouraging good habits and attitudes.

The delightful host Olivia is a helpful friend that encourages Howie & Skip as they learn about shapes, animals, action words, ABC’s, colors and more.  There is a wonderful love for learning that is woven through the show and you can really see it shine on Howie & Skip TV.   I think that is one of the elements that I love most.

These wonderful clips will make you want to run out and buy the full DVDs.  I had thought that I had my fill of baby learning DVDs.  It seems I have mountains of them, and with Micah reading so well, I just didn’t see a cause for buying anymore.   But all my children have enjoyed these wonderful clips filled with songs, rhymes and fun facts, that I am definitely going to put them on the must have list for Christmas.

Alright, get over there and subscribe to Howie & Skip TV.  If you haven’t started your little one on their reading journey, I think this is a great YouTube channel to get your journey started.  Warning: You might fall in love and need to pick up the entire series.

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