Inventive Play for Babies

My daughter just recently turned two.  For a long time, she wouldn’t let me read to her.  She is very independent and wanted to hold the book and turn the pages before it was time.  Through library trips and continual effort, she has developed the ability to sit still and listen to stories.  She loves to be read to now.  She asks for stories all the time and will listen to many in one sitting.

Reading stories to my child has helped her develop her imagination.  She has fallen in love with a book called, A Very Noisy GIrl.  In the book, the little girl, who is very noisy, disappears, and in her place is a puppy that is very quiet.  She is just pretending to be the puppy and spends the afternoon as a puppy with her mother, while her mother wonders where her little girl is.
This story, among others, has sparked some creative play in my child.  She likes to pretend she is a kitty cat and at other times a dog.  It helps her tap into her imagination and be anything.  Children are usually blessed with good imaginations in abundance, until life beats it out of them.  Have you noticed that some of the world’s greatest people never lost their ability to imagine?  Walt Disney is a perfect example.