Little Pim

I love educational videos!  That being said, I am always looking for videos that are well done, fun, and educational.  As a home schooling mother of six children and the president of Intellectual Baby, I do allow my younger children to watch up to an hour of television a few days a week.  This gives me a chance to get some things done and I am confident that they are learning something.  I consider a well done video to be a tutor of sorts, available on demand, when I  need it.  I prefer this much more than mindless shows such as cartoons.

Recently a new maker of educational videos has emerged.  The company produces a series of videos that teach children foreign language through the immersion method.  There is no English spoken on the video.  I have BIlingual Baby, and that is a very nice video.  I have even tried Muzzy, but disliking cartoons, almost with a passion, I did not keep them.
I was very curious about these new videos so I purchased the Little Pim, Spanish “Eating and Drinking” video.  It is very well done and engaging for little ones.  My daughter is two years old and she was enjoying it up until about half way through.  Then she started to lose interest.  We enjoyed repeating the words being said.  Little Pim is a panda.  He keeps the children engaged as do the video clips of children and parents.  It has nice music and is interactive because it asks questions and then gives the answers.
I wish I had these videos when my daughter was younger and just learning language.  I think they are very beneficial in exposing children to foreign language.  They are available in many languages and can be found at