Math for Babies

If you want to teach your baby the language of math, you can start at birth.  All that is required is that you notice opportunities as they arise so you can incorporate math into your baby’s day.  Math is really just a language and babies can master it and become fluent in this language.  To begin, introduce your baby to quantities.  It is much more important that your baby can comprehend quantities than recognize numerals.  This is very important.  Babies have the ability to recognize quantity if they are introduced before they are around 30 months old, or 2 1/2 years old.

In order to teach your baby to recognize quantity, set out items and tell your baby how many there are.  You can do this with blocks, toys, raisins, or Cheerios.  When your baby is sitting in the highchair.  Place items on the tray and tell your baby how that this is one, and this is four, and so on.
You do not have to teach the quantities in order, although you can do that the first time you introduce them to your baby.  By telling your baby the amounts of items, your baby will develop the ability to recognize quantity without having to count.  When they hear the number eight, they will view it as eight items.  This opens all kinds of possibilities for your child to master other areas of math such as adding and subtracting.  I will discuss that in my next post.

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