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The following review was just posted on  The review was done by a reader of Home Education Magazine, one of my favorite homeschool magazines.

We reviewed the “Monki See” early learning DVD set that includes: Baby’s First Words, All About Colors, All About Shapes, Around the House, Action Words and On the Farm. After viewing all the DVD’s with my 2 and 4 year old, here is our review:

At first glance, I thought it was just going to be another version of “Your Baby Can Read”, but as we watched it we discovered this was a lot more exciting. The series is a fun and engaging way to introduce your pre-reader to the sights and sounds of the English language. My girls really enjoyed the cute storyline in each of the videos and were singing the theme song by the end of the first DVD. The puppets are adorable and the pictures for each word are delightful to watch.

Although the age recommendations for the videos are “3 months to four years,” I would recommend these videos more for the “pre-reading” crowd than young babies. The videos have a lot of action and sound effects, which kept the attention of my four year old, but would probably be overwhelming to a young baby. Also, most of the words are comparatively small on the screen and are only shown for a moment before disappearing, only to reappear at a different spot on the screen. Again, this kept my four year old very interested, but even my two year old had trouble following the words.

My four year old, who is learning to read, got the most out of these DVD’s. She got really excited when she recognized a word and tried to “participate” by answering all of the questions. Overall, I would definitely recommend this series: it was really fun to watch as a family and I loved that it is a homeschooling family and that she used her kids in the video. I would just recommend it for an older age group than the one printed on the box.

Reviewed by HEM reader Meghan Stalford