My Penguin Osbert StoryTime

I love that my library had a My Penguin Osbert StoryTime today.  Story time is such a crucial part of a child’s life.  It is so important that we read to our kids, and by incorporating story time each day, we create a positive environment for our children. Story time is great because it shows children that reading is fun and really engages them in the books being read.  Story time goes beyond simply reading books.  It makes reading an exciting adventure for children.

Howie and Skip

Today, I was able to be the guest reader at my local library’s story time.  Howie and Skip tagged along to sing their favorite song and hear the story. (They mostly sat in the chair and looked cute.) I always treasure the opportunity to share my love of books with kids and reading to them is so much fun.  I’d love to travel around and host Howie & Skip StoryTime sessions, but for now we’ve created the Howie and Skip StoryTime videos.  That way your child can enjoy a personal StoryTime in the comfort of their home.

Anyway,  I thought I’d share my experience with you in hopes that it encourages you to begin you own story time.  You can read what we did and do the same, or just use this as inspiration.

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1. Start With A Song

Counting Book

One of the best ways to begin your story time is with a few simple songs.  We always start by playing a few interactive songs.  This allows the children to get out their energy so that when it’s time to read they will sit quietly.  We played “The Monkey & Alligator Song,” “The Bean Bag Song,” and the MonkiSee “StoryTime Theme Song.”  The kids always love to clap their hands, shake their maracas, and follow along with the hand motions.

2. Read A Story

StoryTime Reading

Today our story time was themed around penguins.  Since we were reading “My Penguin Osbert,” we had a big penguin stuffed animal at the front of the room for the kids to see.  Before I began reading, we handed out raffle tickets to all the children.  They each placed their tickets into a container and were told that at the end of the story we were going to raffle off the penguin.  Whoever had their ticket chosen would win the stuffed animal.

“My Penguin Osbert” is a cute story about a little boy who asks Santa for a real penguin for Christmas.  When he gets his penguin Osbert, he’s super excited, but as time goes on he’s not sure he asked for the right present.

*If you’re reading this story at home, you can really make this a fun experience.  While you read the story, let your child sip on hot cocoa and wrap up in warm blankets.  You could go all out and even decorate the room where you are reading – cut out snowflakes, make the room chilly, and create an atmosphere that fits the story.

Penguin Prize

Once I finished reading the story, we raffled the tickets.  Andrea was our winner! She loved her prize. It was so cute to see her dragging her giant penguin around the library. It was as big as some of the kids!

3. Make A Craft

Penguin Craft

A great way to end your story time is by making a fun craft.  We printed out a penguin coloring page for the kids to color.  If you have younger children, you may want to keep the crafts relatively simple.  However, if your child is a bit older, you can have fun helping them create a craft that’s more complex.

Penguin Coloring Page

Here is a cute penguin coloring page for your child to color.

Soda Bottle Penguin

This Soda Bottle Penguin is super cute and simple to make. If your child is older they will love making this craft. You may need to help them with the cutting and gluing, but it’s very easy to make.

Reading to kids is so much fun.  You can really make story time an exciting experience.  I’d love to hear about your story time.  Do you make crafts or snacks?  What are your favorite books to read to your child?  Please comment below and share your ideas with us.  We’d love to hear them!