A Whole New Kind of StoryTime for Children

StoryTime for children?  I am really excited to write this post today.  In case you don’t know this about me – I’m a HUGE book lover.

So now that I have come clean with that, it is okay to admit that I love to read picture books.  I am always searching for great picture books that I have not read.  I consider picture books to be great and comforting friends, and I know that my kids feel the same way.  One day at the library my daughter picked up a favorite book (I cannot remember which book it was) and hugged it to herself with a look of pure contentment on her face.  I feel the same way when I encounter my favorite books as well.  Thinking ahead, I wonder what I will do when my kids are too old for picture books.  Maybe they will never outgrow them just as I haven’t.

I have been to a few storytimes at my library, and they are never done the way I would like them to be.  Being such a big book lover I dream of being able to step in and take over.  Well,  I no longer need to dream about being asked to conduct storytime at the library.  We just completed a brand new project called Howie and Skip’s StoryTime.DVDs  If you know these monkeys from MonkiSee then they need no introduction.

Well in the first volume of StoryTime, Howie and Skip hear the story How God Made Everything.  The story is a rhyming retelling of the creation story from Genesis.  I had so much fun writing this story and even more fun sharing it with my two favorite monkey friends.  I got to work with my beautiful and talented daughters to write some really great sing along songs to accompany the story as well.  All in all, this has been a really fun and rewarding project.  I offer you some samples to view below.

I don’t know about you, but I wish I could read to my kids for hours every day.  I really believe in the benefits of reading to my children, but I don’t have the time to read as often as I would like.   That is where Howie and Skip’s StoryTime comes in.  With just the press of a button you and your child can enjoy storytime – anytime.  There are lots of ideas in the works for a many more volumes including more Bible stories, picture book stories, and fables.  Click the video below to see a sample of Howie and Skip’s StoryTime – How God Made Everything.  You can pre-order a copy today for just $9.95.  They will be shipped on or before October 18, 2013.  For more information check out How God Made Everything.