New Learning Games at MonkiSee

At MonkiSee, we’re all about having fun while learning games; and that’s why we’re so excited to announce the addition of the Learning Resources games and activities to the MonkiSee store! Now you can enjoy a whole new element of early learning fun. With the Learning Resources games and activities, your child can learn about a variety of subjects while they enjoy playing these creative games.


We’ve given you a great selection of learning games and subjects to choose from. Your child can learn about anything from letters and vocabulary, to addition and subtraction all while playing these entertaining games.

The Learning Resources games are a great way for kids to expand their knowledge while having fun. With games such as the award-winning Snap It Up! Card Games – Addition & Subtraction, kids develop and practice their math skills while competing with other players.


Check out this learning game and many more at :

Stay tuned for more reviews of the Learning Resources games!