Play a Rhyming Game

Get out your magnetic letters or some alphabet blocks and start playing a rhyming game with your baby.  You will be teaching your baby many things with this simple letter game.  You will be exposing your baby to the patterns of our auditory language as well as the patterns visually.  Your baby will take notice of the fact that only the first letter is changing when you create a new word.  Your baby will be paying attention to the sounds those new letters make and how they affect the part of the word that doesn’t change.  You can start off with simple words like wall, ball, fall, call, mall, tall, small, stall, etc…  You can even have your baby get involved by handing you letters to make the change to the word.  This is a very fun, interactive way to teach your baby more about language and its phonetic patterns.  Babies are always learning. With just a little stimulation they may surprise you as to what they discover.