Play With Foam Letters

In order to give babies an advantage in learning language, we need to have some clear goals as parents.  It is not difficult to teach our babies written language and letter recognition.  We just need to realize that our babies are capable of learning these things and structure our play around them.

This can be accomplished easily by having toys with letters and numbers on them.  I recently purchased some foam bath letters for my children.  I do not intend to use them in the bathtub, but we are having a great time playing with them on the floor.  We build ABC trains with the letters.  We play rhyming games, too. 
This is what is meant by structured play.  My child doesn’t care if we are playing with letters or dolls.  She is happy to be playing with her mama.  She loves that she has focused attention on her.  She is having so much fun, she probably doesn’t even realize that she is learning something.  For babies, learning is play.  Keep this in mind when purchasing toys for your child.