Poetry and Babies

When you choose books to read to your little one, don’t exclude poetry.  Babies love poetry.  Since poetry is metered, it is very much like a song.  Each poem has its own rhythm that is it follows.  When you expose babies to these patterns in language, they quickly figure out the rhythms of each poem.  You can begin with something as basic as Mother Goose nursery rhymes and move on from there.  Mary Ann Hoberman has a great book of poetry for little ones.  It is called The Llama Who Had No Pajama.  

The nice thing about poetry is that the poems are usually short and easy to memorize.  You can read your baby some favorite poems and before you know it, you will be able to recite them from memory.  In order for children to be good writers in grade school, it is important that they be filled with great literature.  This is very easy to do by getting a daily dose of poetry.  Before long, you will probably be making up your own silly poems.  Babies love rhyming games and poetry is sure to become one of your baby’s favorite genres of literature.