Read Aloud Bonding

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An interesting observation was made this week in our home.  Read aloud bonding was in session.

I mentioned that I have some chore charts up for my kids since they are out of school for this year.  One of the jobs I gave my 16 year old daughter was to read to my 6 year old each day.  This has been wonderful because as far as I am concerned, most kids are not read to enough.  They have really been enjoying Classic Fairy Tales.  It is wonderful to be going about my day and hearing a book being read.

The kids really enjoy the illustrations and the stories and they have been faithfully reading the book each day.  Now here is my observation.  My daughter, Mariah, the one who is doing the reading to her younger sister, was mentioning to me that Gabriella is her buddy this week.  Gabby has been asking to sleep in Mariah’s bed and wants to hang out with her and do things together.  I thought that was interesting.  Then Gabriella told me that Mariah is so nice to her.  When I probed a little to see what was in her mind I discovered that it all stems from Mariah reading to her.  She commented that Mariah is so sweet and that she has been reading to her in the morning and the evening.  What a blessing that is! The sisters have bonded more this week and it is all because they spend time reading together.  This is confirmation for anyone who did not know that when you spend time reading to children a wonderful bond occurs.  Read aloud bonding – did I mention that it is fun, too?
We love reading in our home, but when there is no one available to read, we just pop in a MonkiSee DVD.  They are rich in language, full of poetry and lots of great vocabulary words.  If you want a little extra stimulation for your little ones, check out