Reread Baby’s Favorite Books

Have you ever noticed that when your baby likes something they demand to have it again and again?  It may be a favorite video or a favorite storybook.  This can sometimes be exhausting for us grownups.  Rereading a book 16 times in a row can be a little much for those who didn’t demand to hear it again.  When my son was 18 months old he wanted to hear the book “Moon Boy” 16 times in a row.  My dear daughter, bless her heart, granted him his wish, at the loud protests of her other siblings.

Is there a benefit to hearing something repeatedly?  For babies and small children the answer is yes.  There is so much to learn from repeated exposure to language.  Books that teach your child the sing-song manner of poetry.  Through repetition to language your child is learning vocabulary and how to read.  By repeatedly rereading the same books to your child, while pointing at the words while you read, your baby will also be learning how to read.  Simple, but true.
My daughter just discovered “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”.  She requested to hear it again and again.  I pointed to the text as we read the book.  Since the book has a lot of repetition, when I would pause at the end of a phrase, she knew just what word to say.  Don’t hesitate to grant your child’s request to “Read it again!”  It means there is just more for them to learn the next time around.