Results for ABC Hide and Seek

I have been playing with magnetic letters a lot this week.  We are having so much fun.  I really like magnetic letters because I spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen so we play this pretty often.  I have introduced the letters A, M, N and o so far.  My 2 year old is learning the sounds and the names of the letters.  I helped her find the letters at first, and gave her hints.  Now she can pick out the letters so quickly.  I have two sets of the alphabet on my fridge, so there are 104 letters for her to choose from.  I am amazed at how fast she can pick them out.  Once she pulls the letters out, we place them spaced out on the floor and she hops over them as she says the sounds.  We have been able to form the word am from the first two letters taught and we review that as well.  This game is definitely a hit in my home.

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