Rhyme Time With Dr. Seuss

When my son was around 20 months old, I read him a lot of Dr. Seuss books.  Those books are silly, and take rhyming to a whole new level.  When we were done, we would make up our own rhyming phrases to continue on in the spirit of the book.  I began to notice that my son was answering me in rhyme throughout the day.  If I asked him a question that warranted a yes answer he would say, “Yes, pess is a bess.”  If I asked him a question that warranted a no answer he would say, “No, poe is a foe.”  This went on for a short period of time and it cracked me up.  Let’s just say he understood how to rhyme perfectly.  I would quickly explain to those who heard him do this that we had been enjoying Dr. Seuss lately and this was one of the results.  Why not have some fun playing rhyming games with your child?  It is never too early to get silly and have some fun with language.