Scripture Memorization For Children

Since children have the ability to easily memorize a multitude of things before their fifth birthdays, parents can teach their children scripture memorization with little effort.  Children will memorize all sorts of things.  This is the way they are designed to learn.  Children learn nursery rhymes, the words to their favorite songs and even commit entire books to their memory.  Because young children have this ability and will fill their brains with something, we can direct what they learn.

For Christian parents, this can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. All that is required is to choose a favorite passage of scripture and read it to your child about once a day.  You can make this part of your bedtime routine.  I think you will be amazed at how quickly your child will begin to fill in the words.  Go ahead and teach them the chapter and verse as well, since this isn’t any more difficult for them to learn.
You can even tape a verse of scripture to the refrigerator and say it before meals.  Your child will be able to learn a verse a week, with no trouble at all.  Who knows, you might even learn some scriptures too. Just be sure to review the previously learned scriptures once a week or so.  This will assure that they are not quickly forgotten.