Sesame Street

I have been offline for awhile.  Life has been a bit crazy here.  On June 14th, my daughter’s 8th birthday, we went out for a ride a little before noon.  When we returned 3 hours later we found the front door unlocked and all of our business equipment stolen, including our laptops and our video camera that we use to shoot our vidoes.  It has been quite devastating to try to recover.  We have felt like we were out of business all this time.  There was nothing to work on and little purpose to life.  We are slowly recovering and should be back in full swing here by next week.  It is crazy how life can change so suddenly.

On another note, I was feeling a bit nostalgic today.  I went to the library yesterday and got some books to read to the children and a few videos.  I am a die-hard book lover.  I can pass over shoes and clothing, but when it comes to books, I have no self control.  I usually leave the library with several bags full of books.  Well there among the DVD’s I came across an old favorite.  It was a Sesame Street video that my oldest daughter, now 13, watched as a baby.  It is called Learning About Letters and it teaches children their ABC’s.
I put it on today for my youngest, now 2 years old, and enjoyed the video as if I were visiting with an old friend.  I have always loved Sesame Street, since I was child.  I have never outgrown it.  Even as a young parent I used to watch it with my little ones.  I love the humor. It is geared towards the adults anyway.  Although I haven’t seen Sesame Street in years, I enjoy it as much now as ever.  If you are looking for a video to introduce your child to the alphabet, this is still an excellent choice.  My youngest enjoyed it as much as my oldest did 13 years ago.
I am including a link to the video from Amazon in case anyone is interested.