Teach your baby to draw

Your baby can learn about art as early as their first birthday.  Holding a non-toxic crayon and beginning to scribble is a huge milestone.  It is second only to your baby’s first steps.  This marks your baby’s journey into writing, art, and literacy.  Imagine, it all starts with a few scribbles! It is very important to give your baby the opportunity to learn about art by providing the materials necessary.  Simply place your baby in the highchair and give them a crayon and some paper.  You may have to discourage them from putting the crayon in their mouth, but they are bound to taste it.  Make sure you are using non-toxic crayons and do not leave your baby unattended.  Your baby will soon learn that the movements they make are what affects the outcome on the paper.  Make sure you praise your child for their effort and the masterpieces they are creating.  Children become great when they are given the opportunity.  It’s time to discover your child’s inner artist.

A great book for teaching art to youngsters is Young At Art, by Susan Striker.

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