Teach Your Baby To Paint

You can start teaching your baby to paint beginning around 18 months old.  Place your baby in the highchair with some water color paint, paper, a brush, and a cup of water.  Never leave your baby unattended.  Show your baby how to dip the brush in the water and then rub it on the paint.  You can explain what colors the baby is using and discuss the kind of lines the baby is creating.  This may soon become a favorite activity for your child.  Babies that are given the opportunity to create, without interference from grownups, are capable of amazing things.

Be sure to show your baby how to clean the brush by dipping it in the water each time they change colors.  There is so much to learn from this activity.  Your child will learn what happens when they mix colors.  They will learn what happens when they don’t wet their brush. They will learn what happens when they don’t clean their brush.  They will learn what happens when they apply pressure to the brush as to not putting pressure on the brush.  These are valuable lessons and carry over into many areas of art.
Here is 2 year old Gabirella enjoying a little art time.

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