Telling a Story With Word Cards

No sooner did I finish my blog post about using word cards to tell a story to your child than my 2 year old came to see me with a stack of word cards.  It was like she had a sixth sense about her.  So we sat down on the floor and I made up a story using the words she brought me.  I would place two cards side by side and each time I said one of them I would pause and wait for her to hand me the correct word. She got almost all of them right, handing me the word card of the word i had just said whenever I paused.  As soon as we finished the first story, she said, “Again.”

I proceeded making up stories and having her choose the correct word cards.  It was a lot of fun for both of us.  Even my 4 year old came over to hear the stories.  It is much easier to create stories on demand when you can build it around certain words.  I find I draw a blank sometimes when the children ask me to tell them a story.  This method had the stories just flowing with no delays.  I will definitely continue this game all week and see where it leads us.