Too Good Not to Share

I am always
interested in finding new ways of teaching babies to read.  After all,
teaching babies to read is so much fun.  I was watching some videos online
the other day and I saw a method that I have never seen before.   It was
too good not to share.

A mom was
confirming her son’s knowledge of some flash cards she had been showing him.
 She would have him turn around. Then she would put two cards on the
floor, side by side.  She would put an M&M under one of the cards.
 Then she would ask her son to get her a specific card.  If he got it
right, there was a candy underneath it for him.  And get them all right,
he did!  What a wonderful way to encourage our children to show us a pinch
of their brilliance while rewarding them.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I
will keep you posted when I do.

Some babies
are more reluctant to show us what they know.  This is a very gentle and
rewarding way for them to show us what they are capable of learning.