We Love MonkiSee

I received this email the other day in response to announcing the new Howie and Skip’s StoryTime sereis.  It is emails such as the one below that make all that we do worth it.  To know that people appreciate and love our products makes it all worth while.  Below you can read the email for yourself.

My name is Stephanie and I just want to tell you how happy I have been with your products.  My children have used the MonkiSee Baby Reading Program Starter kit since they were 3 months old.  My 2 year old now knows over 200 sight words and can read from simple books.  I attribute this to the amazing program you created!  I am so excited that you are always coming up with new ideas such as Monki See Action words  (one of our favorites)  Monki See Animals at the Farm, Monkey See ABC Roundup, and now the StoryTime DVD.  I hope you continue to expand your program and products so that my children can grow up with Monki See during their early childhood years.  I would love to see a series on Money, Time, Feelings, Important Monuments (seven wonders of the world)…  maybe Skip and Howie can travel to far away lands and help us learn about new cultures?  I just didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to tell you thank you for making such an amazing product that has given my children the love of learning!

I wish you and your family all the best!