When Teaching Babies to Read Clicks

I have noticed in my experience teaching babies to read that there comes a point where reading and words just make sense.  It is like this little light bulb goes off in their heads and they just get it.  When this happens, this is a major breakthrough for your child.  This is a fabulous place to be.  Having been exposed to many words, they suddenly have a grasp of phonics and what sounds the letters make. They may not be sounding out new words on their own at this point, but they are able to learn new words very quickly.  After showing your baby a word two or three times, they will master them.  This is an opportune time to start introducing couplets, phrases and sentences.  Don’t worry about going to fast.  Don’t worry about showing them words they have never seen.  Just keep reading with your baby.  Your baby will let you know if your are going too fast.  You can never fail if you follow your baby’s lead.