Words – Baby Brain Food

From birth to five years old, the words you speak to your child are their brain food.  As parents, we want our babies bodies to be healthy and strong.  We assure this by providing highly nutritive food for our children in order to keep them in good health.

In order to keep our children healthy intellectually, we need to provide them with lots of language.  This comes in the form of conversation, singing and reading a lot.  By reading a lot to your baby, you will lay a strong foundation in vocabulary and comprehension, which translates into a smarter child.
Here are some simple steps to nourishing your child’s brain development.
  • Talk to your baby about everything.
  • Sing to your baby.
  • Recite nursery rhymes from memory.
  • Read to your baby every day.
  • Play music for your baby.
  • Get classic books on tape or poetry, and play them when baby is playing.